Thursday, October 4, 2007

6 Emotions 六重感

Master Class in Accessories Design at Domus Academy, Milan, Italy.
Post-workshop Exhibition of Master Class in Accessories Design at the Hong Kong Design Centre.

I went to Milan to attend a Master Class in Accessories Design a few months ago. I completed this short course and end up with a project named 6 Emotions, which was a series of handmade jewellery inspired from my feelings and emotions during the time in Italy. The course required a connection with Chinese culture in the project, instead of using common Chinese visual elements, I chose the traditional technique of Chinese fabric buckle button, which was made from braided fabric straps and combined with copper wire to make knots and different shapes and forms. Although It took me months to sew everything piece by piece, and caused my fingertips skin went rough and cracked, I really enjoyed the making process of my first collection.

Sad Necklace is two drops of tears. Exciting Brooch is the pulse and cardiogram. Annoying Earring is a melody that wraps around the ear with earplugs in a palm shape. Tiredness Ring is flexible to wear. And a broken camera inspired the Carefulness Bracelet. The Happy Choker, twist out the sentence “say cheese, say pizza” ; it is something you’ll say when you’re taking a photograph.