Wednesday, October 14, 2020

0- ZERO NEGATIVE exhibition - Jewellery Week Budpeast 2020


I believe that Zero Negative is the process of a creative practice with positive solution, as simple and powerful as a happy face symbol.

Concept Background:
Many of us have had to stay at home for weeks on end during the pandemic, bars and parks have been closed, all outdoor and indoor activities banned, so the only possible way for me to connect with friends, family and the rest of the world has been by checking on my mobile phone frequently at home. After reading so much unpleasant news from online media, I experienced a continuing emotional depression: it seems everyday repeated the same things over and over again - plans were placed on hold, projects were cancelled, all arrangements left uncompleted until further notice, all suggested the worse was yet to come. Then there were the online jewellery challenges happening on Instagram, and I realized this is the perfect cure to bring me back to holistic health with positive energy! These challenges became my daily meditation and motivation to reduce anxiety and release pressures. Also, because I was lacking materials at home and was unable to access a work bench either, jewellery challenges became much more experimental, inspirational and most of all, extremely delightful to become involved with. I see this whole experience as a Zero Negative: always searching for Positive direction while we stay on a Negative pathway.

Creative Idea:
This jewellery piece was inspired by the jewellery challenges on Instagram. My idea is to wear facial makeup as jewellery while masks remain a daily necessity and I have to skip makeup to avoid skin problems. The mobile screen protector is the only physical evidence of the only outside communication channel we depended and relied on during times of lockdown - fingerprints indicating the motions of confused searching online during the pandemic, while coloured lipstick in between the screens illustrate a satisfying solution with positive attitude: The zero negative creates a happy face symbol.

Screen protector, lipstick colours, silk cord.