Wednesday, May 15, 2019

GEM alethiOLOGY exhibition

Minimal Graphic Gems


Without human craftsmanship and aesthetic appreciation, a gem stone is nothing more than a stone. So I suppose the creativity and artistry of a jewellery maker transform stone into the idea of a gem. Traditionally, we categorise the preciousness of the stone and try to create many facets for the dazzling and shining gem stone to turn it into a jewel, but will it still be a gem if we abandon natural material and minimise the design to retain it’s basic recognisable shape?

In my pieces for this exhibition, I have used acrylic and minimal design to capture a concept of gems. If a traditional gem indicates sophistication or wealth, then these minimalist graphic gem designs aim to express simplicity and possibility.

GEM alethiOLOGY exhibition:⠀
Explore the "Truth" of gemstones in contemporary jewellery, through the works of the 6 artists. ⠀
In a contemporary context, the idea of gem has been taken to a different horizon. Not only is its’ natural beauty that is being appreciated, it has also become the medium for artists and artisans to express their creativity – incorporating this in their jewellery creations. ⠀